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 About The Contracts Completed

Korun Construction has very respectful positionboth among the public and the private sector employers as a "turn - key project contractor". For the realization of a project, it provides succissfully any necessary design concepts, calculations, material selection and supply, performance of the construction works as well as any erection, assembly and commissioning works.

Whole of the project is copmleted stage by stage starting with the application and excavation works, and then creating the structure of the building including the interior design and interior equipment.

It has at his disposal a high qualifed staff which is expertized not only in reinforced concrete works, but also in steel construction works.

Korun Construction carries out also the restoration of the historical buildings and old monuments with scienfic techniques and under cooperation with experts and consultants.

Korun Construction provides also any and all architectural andengineering design concepts for any construction projects having been contracted by him. For this purpose, it uses the CAD / CAM systems of the lastest technology and the most developed animation and 3D techniques.

Apart from developing concepts, it renders also technical  services like planning, designing, preparation of the drawings and calculation works.

Furthermore in all phases of the construction work it renders also consultancy works it renders also consultancy services for the selection of the suppliers and subcontractors, of the applicable technologies and methotds as well as of the suitable sites for construction, besides and other services like controlling any performed consruction works, preparing feasibility reports and risk analyze reports according to any existing specifications or to such specifications as having been or to be prepared by Korun Construction.


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