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Message of Managing Director

The effors of any corporations and individuals to render all the necessary and appropriate services which would contribute to the various development attempts of our Country,even by forcing the existing conditions when necessary, and the eddeavours of such institutions and persons to benefit from the most developed techniquers and to practice the most modern methods having been developed in a gradually globalizing world, and finally their endeavours to reach or obtain the exciting opportunity of competing with whole world, constitute the major ones of the many fundamental duties we have to fulfill and serve for our Country.

In the light of thisvision, I'am glad of combining and integrating our experience which has been lasting for the last three generations during the realization of several large projects of both public and private sector institutions and some other projects both within and outside Country, with the young, dynamic, wise, responsible and honest staff members of Korun Construction and Tourism Limited Company.

I'am extremely glad of observing that for this young team, rendering any services expected from an ordinary construction company team, within the shortest period of time and at the highest quality level possible, has become not only an undisputable necessity, but also a solid princible.

We are all proud of Company's achievements having been obtained on basis of this principle, and also of the great appreciation it recieves.

Because; we have self - condfidance and we are proud of it.

Managing Director
Orhan Korun



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